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How Press Works

1. Schedule

Choose a pickup and dropoff window that works best for you in our mobile or web app.

2. Pickup

A Press delivery agent will pick up your dirty clothes during your scheduled pickup time.

3. Enjoy

Your clothes will come back clean and wrinkle-free on your scheduled dropoff date. Enjoy your fresh linens!

Benefits of Press

Save Time & Money

Skip the trip and save up to 40% compared to walking into a local cleaner.

Quality Guarantee

We only work with the best Oklahoma City laundromats, so you’ll always receive the best service possible.

Effortless Scheduling

Want to set up weekly service? No problem. We'll help you never worry about laundry or dry cleaning again.

No Cash Needed

No more trips to the ATM for cash, all orders are billed to your credit or debit card.

Amazing Customer Service

We are here for you around the clock to ensure that your questions or concerns are answered.


We only use the safest and cleanest perc-free solvents, so you, and the Earth, can look good.

Keep OKC Fresh.

Here is what a few of our local OKC customers think of us.

I used Press while my kitchen and laundry room were being redone. They did an excellent job and it made me honestly wonder why I ever spent time folding.
Press testimonial image
Barry J.
Oklahoma City, OK
I found Press once a friend told me about them and how easy it was to get my laundry scheduled for a pickup. It's made my daily chore list that much shorter!
Press testimonial image
Amanda H.
Oklahoma City, OK
I have an odd schedule for work that also includes long hours. Having the ability to have my laundry picked up and dropped off fluffed and folded is perfect for me.
Press testimonial image
Zach P.
Oklahoma City, OK

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How Much Does Laundry Service Cost in Oklahoma City?

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Popular Laundry Services in Oklahoma City

Wash & Fold

We offer top-rated wash and fold service in Oklahoma City. Simply put all of your essential everyday clothing into your supplied Press laundry bag, and we'll have it washed, dried, folded, and neatly delivered back to you in no time!

Wash & Fold Subscription

Popular Choice

Let's face it, no one really enjoys doing their laundry. That's why we created the Press laundry subscription. When you're ready to sign up, simply choose a recurring schedule that fits your needs best right from the app!

Wash & Fold or Fluff & Fold?

Fluff and fold service is exactly the same as wash and fold service. Some cleaners call it one thing, while the rest call it the other. Regardless of how you say it, we will take care of all your laundry needs, and always with the highest quality products!

We're the Closest Laundromat Near You in OKC

With free pickup and delivery, your doorstep turns into the closest laundromat near you.

The city of OKC stretches out over 625 square miles, with its population of over a million making up one third of the entire states population. Some people might not know it, but OKC wasn’t the state’s capitol until 1910, when a petition received enough signatures to move the capitol from Guthrie. OKC is a great place for those that travel around the US due to its central location. It’s positioned equally between Los Angeles and New York City, making traveling for business or pleasure convenient. The rich sports passion that the city possesses is something any sports fan would envy. From watching the Thunder play in Loud City to seeing the Royals take it all at Kauffman Stadium, Press will make sure that your game day outfit is cleaner than ever.

If you’re looking for a dry cleaner near you in OKC, you won’t find a more convenient option. With free pickup and delivery, Press makes it easy for you to focus on what’s important in your life. From dress shirts to jersey’s, we will make sure you don’t go another day without your favorite outfit looking good.

Have you been asking yourself, "What's the closest laundromat near me in Oklahoma City"?

The average person spends up to two and a half hours of household related chores daily. Take back laundry day and spend more time doing what you want by using Press.

Laundry Quick Tip

Remove mustard stains by rinsing your garment with cold water until the stain loosens. Apply a stain remover prior to washing the item. Wash the stained clothing item with a warm to hot water temperature for best stain removal results.

Check out our Ultimate Stain Removal Guide.

Oklahoma City Laundry Stats

Percent of Weekly Laundry 16%
Percent of Bi-Weekly Laundry 74%
Percent of Monthly Laundry 10%

Join over 1,000 people across the nation and Oklahoma City that trust Press with their laundry needs.

Press Wash and Fold Laundry Bag

Laundry Bag Included.

Every Press customer in Oklahoma City receives a free laundry bag on their first order. Fill it up and let us do the dirty work.

Student Laundry Service in Oklahoma City

We offer laundry service to students in Austin. Sign up for service on your campus now!

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Airbnb Laundry Service in Oklahoma City

We provide Oklahoma City Airbnb hosts with hotel quality laundry service for their rental.

Airbnb Laundry Service Near Me in Oklahoma City

Dry Cleaning in Oklahoma City

Need your clothes dry cleaned? We offer top-rated dry cleaning service in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Dry Cleaning Near Me

Neighborhoods We Service in Oklahoma City

  • Adventure District,
  • Asian District,
  • Automobile Alley,
  • Boathouse District,
  • Bricktown,
  • Classen Curve,
  • Deep Deuce,
  • Film Row,
  • Midtown,
  • Paseo Arts District,
  • Plaza District,
  • Stockyards City,
  • Western Avenue,
  • Uptown 23rd

Zip Codes in Oklahoma City

  • 73003
  • 73007
  • 73012
  • 73013
  • 73034
  • 73069
  • 73071
  • 73101
  • 73102
  • 73103
  • 73104
  • 73105
  • 73106
  • 73107
  • 73108
  • 73109
  • 73110
  • 73111
  • 73112
  • 73113
  • 73114
  • 73115
  • 73116
  • 73117
  • 73118
  • 73119
  • 73120
  • 73121
  • 73122
  • 73123
  • 73124
  • 73125
  • 73126
  • 73127
  • 73128
  • 73129
  • 73130
  • 73131
  • 73132
  • 73134
  • 73135
  • 73136
  • 73137
  • 73139
  • 73140
  • 73141
  • 73142
  • 73143
  • 73144
  • 73145
  • 73146
  • 73147
  • 73148
  • 73149
  • 73150
  • 73151
  • 73152
  • 73153
  • 73154
  • 73155
  • 73156
  • 73157
  • 73159
  • 73160
  • 73162
  • 73163
  • 73164
  • 73165
  • 73167
  • 73169
  • 73170
  • 73172
  • 73173
  • 73177
  • 73178
  • 73179
  • 73180
  • 73184
  • 73185
  • 73189
  • 73190
  • 73193
  • 73194
  • 73196
  • 73197
  • 73198
  • 73199

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