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Press is one of OKC's best dry cleaners. All orders receive free pickup and delivery.

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How Press Works

1. Schedule

Choose a pickup and dropoff window that works best for you in our mobile or web app.

2. Pickup

A Press delivery agent will pick up your dirty clothes during your scheduled pickup time.

3. Enjoy

Your clothes will come back clean and wrinkle-free on your scheduled dropoff date. Enjoy your fresh linens!

Benefits of Press

More Free Time

No more wasted time driving to the dry cleaner. Spend time doing something you actually enjoy.

Quality Guarantee

We only work with the best Oklahoma City dry cleaners, so you’ll always receive the best service possible.

Recurring Service

Sign up for recurring service and never worry about doing laundry again. Sounds great, right?

Cashless Payments

No more trips to the ATM for cash, all orders are billed to your credit or debit card.

Amazing Customer Service

We are here for you around the clock to ensure that you’re questions or concerns are answered.


When you sign up for service, you’ll receive a reusable Press dry cleaning and laundry bag.

OKC Loves Using Press

Here are some of their dry cleaning stories:

I found Press after searching around Oklahoma City to find a decent dry cleaner. Scheduling a pickup from the app is a breeze!
Press testimonial image
Bethany N.
Oklahoma City, OK
Press is the easiest way to handle my dry cleaning. It's nice not having to spend the time to drive to my local cleaner.
Press testimonial image
Skylar H.
Oklahoma City, OK
I love that when I came home, all of my clothes were hanging nicely in the bag on my front door.
Press testimonial image
Bryan C.
Oklahoma City, OK

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Dry Cleaning & Laundry at the Tap of a Button.

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How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost in Oklahoma City?

See the average dry cleaning prices near you in Oklahoma City

Popular Dry Cleaning Services in Oklahoma City

Laundered and Pressed

Popular Choice

If you want cleaner and longer-lasting clothing, then laundered and pressed is the way to go. Our local Oklahoma City dry cleaning professionals will clean and hang your clothes with the best quality around.

Dry Cleaned

A lot of people confuse dry cleaning with having an item laundered and pressed. Dry cleaning is the most effective at getting out heavily soiled stains. Also, due to shrinkage, some cotton garments are best dry cleaned to retain color and size.

Household Items

Household items should be cleaned regularly by a professional. Whether it's a bed spread, duvet, comforter, or even curtains, Press can handle it for you!

An OKC Dry Cleaner That Delivers

Save time and hassle with every order

Whether your favorite Thunder jersey needs some freshening or you simply need to keep your work clothes clean and wrinkle-free, trust Press to handle it all. We make it simple to handle your dry cleaning needs from the comfort of your couch. WIth Press, you get all of the same dry cleaning quality you expect from your favorite local professional, but now with free pickup and delivery, a fresh customer experience, and the ability to manage your order from anywhere using our mobile apps.

Stop lugging your clothes to your local dry cleaner and give Press a try. We make sure to make sure that everyone that uses our service in OKC has the best experience possible.

Have you been asking yourself, "What's the closest dry cleaner near me in Oklahoma City"?

If you’re looking for a dry cleaner near you in OKC, you won’t find a more convenient option. With free pickup and delivery, Press makes it easy for you to focus on what’s important in your life. From dress shirts to jersey’s, we will make sure you don’t go another day without your favorite outfit looking good.

Dry Cleaning Quick Tip

If you stain your clothes, schedule a pickup as soon as possible. Leaving a stain on a garment for an extended period of time increases the chance that the stain won't be able to be completely removed.

Check out our Ultimate Stain Removal Guide.

Oklahoma City Dry Cleaning Stats

Percent of Weekly Dry Cleaning
Percent of Bi-Weekly Dry Cleaning
Percent of Monthly Dry Cleaning
Average Yearly Cost of Dry Cleaning in Oklahoma City
Average Yearly Cost for Press $600
Average Yearly Savings

Join over 1,000 people across the nation and Oklahoma City that trust Press with their dry cleaning.

Press Dry Cleaning Bag

Dry Cleaning Bag Included.

Every Press customer in Oklahoma City receives a free dry cleaning bag on their first order. Fill it up and let us do the dirty work.

Student Laundry Service in Oklahoma City

We offer laundry service to students in Oklahoma City. Sign up for service on your campus now!

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Airbnb Laundry Service in Oklahoma City

We provide Oklahoma City Airbnb hosts with hotel quality laundry service for their rental.

Airbnb Laundry Service Near Me in Oklahoma City

Wash & Fold Laundry in Oklahoma City

Need your everyday essential wear to be clean too? We offer wash and fold laundry service in Oklahoma City!

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Neighborhoods We Service in Oklahoma City

  • Adventure District,
  • Asian District,
  • Automobile Alley,
  • Boathouse District,
  • Bricktown,
  • Classen Curve,
  • Deep Deuce,
  • Film Row,
  • Midtown,
  • Paseo Arts District,
  • Plaza District,
  • Stockyards City,
  • Western Avenue,
  • Uptown 23rd

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