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Order wash and fold laundry service with free pickup and delivery from top-rated Dallas laundry pros.

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How Press Works

Press Laundry & Dry Cleaning Apps

1. Schedule

Choose a pickup and dropoff window that works best for you in our mobile or web app.

Press Delivery Van

2. Pickup

A Press delivery agent will pick up your dirty clothes during your scheduled pickup time.

Press Laundry and Dry Cleaning Delivered to Door

3. Enjoy

Your clothes will come back clean and wrinkle-free on your scheduled dropoff date. Enjoy your fresh linens!

A Modern Spin on Laundry

Trusted Dallas Laundry Service, Now With Modern Convenience & Perks

Save Time & Money

Skip the trip and save up to 40% compared to your local Dallas laundromats.

Quality Guarantee

We only work with the best Dallas laundromats, so you’ll always receive the best service possible.

Effortless Scheduling

Want to set up weekly service? No problem. We'll help you never worry about laundry again.

No Cash Needed

No more trips to the ATM for cash, all orders are billed to your credit or debit card.

Amazing Customer Service

We are here for you around the clock to ensure that your questions or concerns are answered.


We only use the safest and cleanest perc-free solvents, so you, and the Earth, can look good.

Keep Dallas Fresh.

Here is what a few of our local Dallas customers think of us.

Press testimonial image
Patrick M. from Dallas, TX

Since my apartment doesn't have a washing machine or dryer in the unit, I always have to drag my clothes to a laundromat near me. Press is a game changer and I'm so glad I started using their laundry service.

Press testimonial image
Matt L. from Dallas, TX

I've used Press a few times already and I'm a believer. Doing laundry is such a pain and their prices are less than some of the Dallas laundromats I called. Not having to fold anything is the best part of the whole service!

Press testimonial image
Patricia T. from Dallas, TX

I recently moved to Dallas and my new job takes up a ton of my time, which means less time to learn about and enjoy the city. Now that Press takes care of my laundry, I'm able to enjoy more "me" time.

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Dallas Wash & Fold Laundry Delivered at the Tap of a Button.

We think your time shouldn't be spent worrying about washing and folding laundry. Instead, it should be spent enjoying everything you love. That's why we created an app that lets you schedule, manage, and pay for your laundry service from anywhere.

So go ahead and say yes to more time with the family, more happy hours, and more slapping the snooze button every morning — we've got laundry day covered.

download the Press dry cleaning and laundry app on iOS download the Press dry cleaning and laundry app on Google Play

The Wash & Fold Laundry Service Dallas Deserves

We save you time and money compared to other Dallas laundry services, so you can go explore your city (and look good doing it).

Item Sunshine Cleaners Avon Cleaners Swiss the Greener Dry Cleaner
Wash & Fold Laundry Service $3.20/lb $5.00/lb $2.99/lb

Free Pickup & Delivery in Dallas Means We're the Closest Laundromat Near You

I think we can all agree that having to do laundry is one of the last things we want to be doing on a Saturday afternoon. Yet, the average American spends nearly 8 hours per week on laundry related activities. For a lot of people, the chore of laundry has been so heavily engrained into our normal routine, we don't actively try to seek an alternative. Here at Press, we don't think you should spend another second washing, drying or folding, especially when you've got a city like Dallas to enjoy and explore. So let us come pick up your dirty clothes and handle the tedious stuff, and take back your Saturday afternoons!

We're the Closest Laundromat Near You in Dallas

With free pickup and delivery, your doorstep turns into the closest laundromat near you.

Dallas was named one of the best places to live by Forbes and if you spend time there, you’ll know why. From the skyline to the residents, Dallas knows how to turn heads. The city is also home to 21 Fortune 500 companies, which means you’re likely to run across quite a few well-dressed professionals. But don’t let the high-class exterior fool you. At its roots, the city still provides the Texas charm many seek when they come to the state. From boots to heals, you’re sure to find something that fits your fancy in the Big D.

In a city filled with events, parties, and an awesome nightlife, it makes sense why Dallasites would want to look good all the time. We have nearly everything at our fingertips these days, from rides to groceries, so why not dry cleaning? Press can handle all of your dry cleaning and laundry needs. Stop wasting your time sitting in even more traffic. Enjoy the free time you actually have and let Press handle your dry cleaning needs!

Have you been asking yourself, "What's the closest laundromat near me in Dallas"?

Laundry Quick Tip

Hot summer days in Dallas call for a milkshake from Highland Park Soda Fountain, but accidents happen. If you spill some milkshake on your clothing, start by blotting as much of the excess ice cream away from the clothing (try not to spread it further). Rinse the affected area from the inside out using cool water. Once home, apply a stain remover and wash the affected garment(s) in warm to hot water. Before drying, inspect the garment to ensure the stain is removed. If the stain persists, repeat the above steps until there is no visible stain left.

Check out our Ultimate Stain Removal Guide.

Dallas Laundry Stats
Percent of Weekly Laundry 16%
Percent of Bi-Weekly Laundry 74%
Percent of Monthly Laundry 10%

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two different services, dry cleaning and wash and fold laundry. Depending on the type of service that you select, you will receive a black bag for dry cleaning and a purple bag for wash and fold laundry. Your first order will return clean in the respective Press branded bag.

Press provides a modern approach to laundry by providing an on-demand style of service, much like you've come to know and love from services like Uber or Lyft (but for laundry!). Unlike traditional laundry delivery routes, which run set schedules once or twice a week, we provide an on-demand same-day pickup service with quick turnaround times.

We want to work around your schedule, not get in the way of it. To view available pick up times, simply make an account, pick up a service, and view the available times in the "Schedule a Pickup" area.

Find Laundromats Near Me →

We think that your time, energy and gas is more valuable than extending your daily commute or wasting a Saturday washing, drying and folding laundry. So we've created a way to have all your laundry and dry cleaning related chores handled without ever leaving your couch.

Time is a fleeting resource and we think you should spend more of it doing what you really want to do, and laundry isn't one of them. So say yes to more time with family, reading that book you've been meaning to pick up, or maybe getting a little extra sleep for once.

We pick up and deliver orders 7 days a week, excluding some holidays. You don't need to be home during the pick up and delivery windows, just make sure that you state your preferred pick up location in your order details.

Typical pick up and delivery spots for homeowners are front porches, while apartment/condo owners have the ability to leave it on their front doorstep or with their doorman or front desk.

Deliveries are made within 24 to 48 hours of pick up, depending on the time you select during your order. To view availability, simply create an account and begin scheduling a pickup.

Our goal at Press is to be the best laundry and dry cleaning provider in Dallas so that you can permanently check laundry off your to-do list for good. We offer the following services for our Dallas customers:

Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning partners are the best in the business, so you know that you clothes will come back clean and wrinkle-free.

Launder & Hang Dry

We will ensure that all of your delicates and garments that need special care will be handled neatly and responsibly.

Wash & Fold Laundry

The weekend is for enjoying life, not laundry. Our laundry pros have been in the business for decades and we'll make sure your everyday clothes are cleaned, dried and folded so you can tackle another day (now fresher than ever).

Wedding Dress Preservation

A wedding dress is an expensive garment that holds a lot of great memories, and properly preserving your dress or gown will help keep those memories intact.

Household Linens

You should refresh your household linens at least once a year. From couch covers to drapery, we can help freshen up your home as well as your wardrobe.

Small Alterations (Repairs and Mending)

We can handle repairs and mending of damaged clothing, including missing button replacement.

The only people that handle your clothes are trusted, local Dallas laundry experts. Unlike other on-demand services, your clothes aren't being exchanged between multiple hands. From pickup to delivery, your clothes are in the hands of experts that live and breathe laundry. Our mission is to provide the best laundry service in Dallas, and our trusted partners are here to deliver fresh clothes straight to your doorstep.

After you schedule your first pickup, please place all garments into a plastic bag and place them in your designated pick up location. You will receive a text 45 minutes prior to your pick up window to confirm the pickup. Feel free to leave your clothes or stick around, we'll get them as long as they're in the designated area stated in your order notes.

Nope! We want to be as transparent as possible, so when we say free pick up and delivery, we mean it.

For more information about Dallas pricing, please enter your information in the form at the top of the page.

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  • Uptown,
  • Bent Tree,
  • Northwood Hills - Valley View,
  • Preston Highlands,
  • Preston Trail,
  • Prestonwood,
  • Lake Highlands,
  • Merriman Park/University Manor,
  • North Dallas,
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  • M Streets - Vickery Place,
  • Wilshire Heights,
  • Ridgewood Park,
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  • Northaven Park,
  • Oak Cliff,
  • Kiestwood,
  • North Oak Cliff,
  • Deep Ellum - Expo Park,
  • Downtown Dallas,
  • Medical District,
  • Oak Lawn,
  • Old East Dallas,
  • South Dallas - Fair Park,
  • The Design District,
  • Devonshire,
  • Bluffview,
  • Greenway Parks,
  • Highland Park,
  • University Park