7 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Laundry Service for You

If you’re looking for a wash and fold laundry service you’re probably looking for something to permenanlty remove the chore of dry cleaning from your to-dor list. Or maybe you hate lugging your clothes to the laundromat. Whatever the case may be, a professional wash and fold service is a great way to have your everyday laundry done, but how to do you find the best one near you? Here are seven things to consider as you begin the process of finding the best laundry service for you.

1. Turnaround Time

If you’re sending your everyday laundry to a wash and fold laundry service, chances are you’ll want your clothes back pretty quickly. It’s not like dry cleaning a suit or dress for a couple of special occasions you attend a year, it’s the important stuff — like socks and underwear. Before choosing a laundry service, make sure that you’re getting a turnaround time that works for your schedule and clothing rotation. If you’re running low on tee shirts, it’s probably best to not pick a service that will have your clothes done five days later.

2. Pricing

Typical wash and fold laundry services are priced by the pound. Prices can vary from a dollar per pound to well over a few dollars per pound, so make sure you know what the price per pound is at each location that you’re researching. Some dry cleaners offer wash and fold service on top of standard dry cleaning services, but it will come at a premium since they will normally outsource the work to a local laundromat. It’s nice to double up your laundry needs from one place, so if you’re looking for a dual-offering, search around or choose a service like Press.

3. Damage/Loss Policy

Unlike dry cleaning, losing a sock isn’t as big of a deal as your favorite expensive garment, but you’ll still want to make sure you can get a new sock. Find a laundry service provider that offers a damaged or lost item policy. It provides peace of mind and helps in the off chance that an item is lost during service.

4. Consistency

When you wash and dry your laundry at home you know that you’ll typically have the same scent and level of quality, so why shouldn’t you expect the same from your local laundromat or laundry service? A great way to check on the consistency of a location is to check online reviews on Google, Nextdoor and Yelp. Reviews are a great way to read about the service and whether you should continue your due diligence or not. Look for things that talk about the scent of the clean clothes and the quality of the folding.

5. Pickup and Delivery Options

If you’re outsourcing your laundry chores, chances are your someone that wants to spend their time doing other productive things. Since the average American spends up to 8 hours per month on laundry related activities, we don’t blame you. Some service providers, like Press, offer pickup and delivery. In fact, Press offers free pickup and delivery with all orders, so you can easily spend time doing what you love while we handle all of your dry cleaning and laundry needs. Also check to see if they are on a set pickup and dropoff schedule. Some providers will only run routes twice a week, so if you need more flexibility, it’s best to find an on-demand delivery service.

6. Service Agreements

No one likes being locked into contracts unless they make sense. If your local laundry service provider has you sign a contract, find out all the details to make sure that you’re alright with the fine print. Can you cancel? How long is the contract? Do they offer month to month service instead? Having your laundry done on a weekly or bi-monthly basis is always a nice perk, but if the quality isn’t where you want it to be you’ll just be wasting your time and money.

7. Detergents and Special Needs

If you’re someone that needs a hypoallergenic detergent, make sure that you ask the prospective laundromat or dry cleaner if they offer different detergents. You don’t want to have an allergic reaction to a freshly cleaned batch of clothes, so look around their website or ask someone at the location how they can cater to your needs. This can sometimes come at an extra charge, so it’ll be something that you’ll need to factor into your final decision.


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  1. I like your advice about checking out various laundry services in my area to compare their pricing before choosing. I’ll definitely keep this in mind since I am looking for a laundromat near my apartment. I want to save money, even if it’s just a few quarters, so thanks for the tip.

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