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Laundromats in 60626

Econo Coin Laundromat

7 Reviews

6541 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60626

"My partner and I were checking this place out to compare it to Sudz on Morse. I wanted to check it out because we can take the Clark bus straight to there..." Show More

"This was our first time here, to wash 2 rugs. The guy who runs this place could not be nicer. The machines are fine and there's plenty of parking. Again,..."

"Pretty much your standard laundromat, the owners do seem very friendly and helpful which is a plus. The pricing is what you'd expect anywhere from $6-$2 for..."

Bubble Express

7 Reviews

1600 W Pratt Blvd Chicago, IL 60626

"This place is a playground. This place is a liability waiting to happen. They always have like 15 small kids running around at once, the place isnt big..." Show More

"This is probably the worst laundromat I've come across. Looking for something dismal?...look no further. The place needs repair and a good scrubbing."

"On the plus side, the washers and dryers work fine, and there's even a shoe dryer. Everything else? Well...not so good. Let's start with the dingy look..."

M & D Coin Laundry

9 Reviews

7067 N Western Ave Chicago, IL 60645

"Place is pretty drab, so if you're going for a bright, clean, up-to-date facility...don't bother. But if you're like me, just need to wash and keep it..." Show More

"Love this laundromat. 12 minutes on the dryers for 25 cents. Huge amount of washers and dryers. I've only had to wait for a dryer once. I go here once..."

"Great service on laundry. I have been going there for years. The washers and dryers are priced good. The charge for laundry by the pound is excellent along..."

Mighty Clean Laundries

2 Reviews

7365 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60626

"We just discovered this really nice laundromat. The air conditioning was on and the people that work here are so nice and keep everything clean. The prices..." Show More

"I thought this was a decent laundromat until I arrived at 8:12 p.m. on a Saturday night. The attendant had locked the door, even though the posted last wash..."

Sudz Laundry

27 Reviews

1425 W Morse Ave Chicago, IL 60626

"Great laundromat with very reasonable prices. Free parking and lots of it. The store is very large with a wide variety of machines. Love this place" Show More

"It was ok when Joe Moore was alderman. It's gone down hill on a greased slide. It's bad because they too away free drying but still have free drying on an..."

"After trying out a new laundromat in the neighborhood, with disappointing results, my wife and i ended up here at Sudz. Let's just say that our first visit..."


16 Reviews

5620 Ridge Ave Chicago, IL 60660

"Nobody likes to admit to using a laundromat, especially if you reach a certain age where it's expected you might have facilities as such in your own home...." Show More

"I really like this laundromat a lot. Marilyn and all of the people who work here are very welcoming and polite. I did wash and fold 3 times and self-wash..."

"Not bad. Wish they had more seating but sometimes I duck over to Lovely Too or Walgreen's during the wash cycle. The machines here agitate more than a home..."

Morland Coin Laundry

6 Reviews

1522 W Morse Ave Chicago, IL 60626

"Seriously YELP?!‍ This place is GONE! They down weeks ago and the facility was demolished! ‍" Show More

"The only reason I came here is because my buildings laundry facilities were out of order and I had two weeks worth of laundry to do. It is a giant ripoff...."

"This appears to be the low-end laundromat in the neighborhood. The prices are lower but it's not the most up to date place. Relatively clean, someone..."

Jarvis Coin Laundry

3 Reviews

7368 N Greenview Ave Chicago, IL 60626

"Look, it's a laundry mat and it's fine. It's more expensive than the washing machines at my apartment complex but they're way nicer. I support local..." Show More

"I have to confess...I don't wash here. See, I, being the sneak I am, simply use the change machine on site to get quarters for the machine in my building...."

"I avoided this laundry mat because the equipment appeared very old. However, it's one block away from my apartment and I figured it deserved a far..."

The Washing Well

6 Reviews

6325 N Ridge Ave Chicago, IL 60660

"Great drop off service. Very affordable. The owners are great and very friendly. Have recommended to many friends in the area." Show More

"I've never been to a laundromat, but this was a good first experience. I live close to Loyola University, but it was just a quick bus ride away. I went on..."

"There are 3 big washing machines and the rest can only hold medium loads. They have a limited supply of wire laundry carts. The dryers are terrible. 90% of..."

Lucky Coin Laundry

2 Reviews

5346 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60625

"Sucha kind and sweet owner! There's parking in the back and a cafe next door, so whenever my clothes are washing, I go just next door and have a cup of..." Show More

"WOW! I have been going here since I moved to the neighborhood back in 1993. The owner is very nice and humble. The service there is great and you have very..."