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Laundromats in 60613

Wash U Coin Laundry

32 Reviews

4552 N Magnolia Ave Chicago, IL 60640

"Update: During COVID this location is just as clean, friendly, and convenient. Highly recommended!" Show More

"One of the cleanest and most spacious laundromats I've been to. Good prices on a variety of machine sizes all the way up to 80 lb loads. Free dryers too..."

"This place is neatly and very well run. Affordable washing machines, with various sizes for all your needs. Free drying machines. I live in Lake View East..."

Super Coin Laundry

72 Reviews

4138 N Broadway St Chicago, IL 60613

"Joseph is the owner and he runs this place by himself with no help. He keeps it open from 8am till 10pm 7 days a week just so he can support his family. On..." Show More

"Dirty, and no heat. I left because doing laundry is depressing enough. The place needs a really good cleaning, and turn on the heat when it's only 30..."

"The owner here is so shady. I put in a load to dry. I left the premise for lunch. Came back, out of no where, there's a wet comforter in my load. I asked..."

Coachlight Laundromat

50 Reviews

3475 N Broadway St Chicago, IL 60689

"I normally don't go to laundromats, but I was forced to because I needed quarters and there's a shortage, apparently. I called ahead to make sure that I..." Show More

"Highly recommend this laundromat! I was in need of a place to do laundry due to the coin shortage. I called ahead to confirm they did have coins and they..."

"I have a very big and heavy blanket that doesn't fit into normal washers so I decided to com here to get it washed and dried. I was a little scared reading..."

Easy Breezy Laundry

41 Reviews

2807 W Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL 60625

"I have never done my own laundry, I have always sent it out. I have used Easy Breezy on Lawrence Avenue for years and they picked up and dropped off my..." Show More

"I've never been to a cleaner laundromat in my life! This place is clean, well lit and all the machines are updated and work well. You will pay $4-$6 to wash..."

"We own a washer and a dryer in our house. However, the primary pipeline broke sometimes ago and we haven't had the chance to fix it. I began to visit the..."

Happy Wash Laundromat

41 Reviews

1367 W Wilson Ave Chicago, IL 60640

"Have you ever seen a faster spin? broadcaster din? master of sin? clockwise, counterclockwise, dirt demise, encounter surprise....... the lettering on the..." Show More

"Today was my first visit since I needed a bigger washed than the one at my apartment to wash my comforter. The best part about this place is the service!..."

"Drop off service lost/stole one of my shirts. Generally OK otherwise. EDIT: Company offered to repay for lost shirt. Maybe was an accident. IDK."

Royal Coin Laundry

8 Reviews

4511 N Sheridan Rd Chicago, IL 60640

"Well,here I am again at this crappy laundry matt.This time none of the dryers are getting hot.At this rate my clothes should be dry in a hour.Good thing..." Show More

"This place is clean. Well, cleaner than most other laundry places in the area. That's where the good stops. Today I took my laundry here. I was yelled..."

"Nice attendant helped me when he noticed I didn't put more soap in my wash! (Haven't been to a laundromat in years, oops) he also changed my quarters to..."

Mr Bubble Coin Laundry

54 Reviews

2815 W Irving Park Rd Chicago, IL 60618

"I decided to come here because it's one bus there and one bus back and there are more positive reviews. I don't worry about people who show up at last call..." Show More

"Update, so instead of doing laundry on the weekends I came in today, Monday. What the manager posted is incorrect with the dryer cost. Normally it's .25 for..."

"I had occasion to drop off a ton of linens. Everything came back crisply folded and very clean. Four hours and it was ready to pick up. Second time I..."

Coin Laundry

19 Reviews

2008 W Montrose Ave Chicago, IL 60618

"Fix your dryers!!! It's a crapshoot every time on whether or not the dryers will work and how long you'll need to stay to finish your laundry. The first..." Show More

"I'll have to Coin the phrase "Gym, Tanning, Laundry", because that's literally what I did on this particular day in CHI town. What do you mean, it's been..."

"The owner a senior He look from head to toe Las last week i did my laundry My bf was there we do laundry go for breakfast across the street Back to dry &..."

Riverpoint Laundry Service

41 Reviews

1730 W Fullerton Ave Chicago, IL 60614

"Excellent customer service and my clothes were washed, dried and folded with care. I will definitely be going back. Thank you." Show More

"Been coming here for a few months now because it is much faster than doing laundry at my apartment. It's also much more cost effective because the washers..."

"Gets the job done. I don't know how much this normally costs... here's the breakdown: 1. Tiny personal washer $3.75 2. Regular washer size $5.75 3. Big..."

Jumbo Laundry

16 Reviews

1523 W Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL 60640

"Standard laundromat here in the Uptown/Ravenswood area. They recently upgraded their machines and they now offer ( no quarter service) due to the COVID..." Show More

"I've only been here a couple of times. Overall it's nice and clean. I have a few hiccups. The first being the water pressure in the washes. Every time I've..."

"Standard laundromat. No frills, but they do have free WiFi (didn't use it). Had to wash my pillows and cushions from the balcony and wanted some big..."