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Heights Dry Cleaners

4 Reviews

8919 Northern Blvd Jackson Heights, NY 11372

"A month later the cheap stitching broke. 14.00 dollars. Smh! I had to go up to a store near my job to buy a belt to hope my pants would stay up." Show More

"Very nice & friendly people. You can build a solid relationship to the point they'll be flexible with you. Can't find that anywhere these days. They are..."

"Speedy service. They can do same day and the owners are nice people. They can also tailor but only on some days."

Speed All Cleaners

10 Reviews

6010 Woodside Ave Woodside, NY 11377

"This was the worst experience ever. Please do not go here. I went there to get my dresses tailored. I asked for the price and it was ridiculously..." Show More

"UPDATE: Heidi (mentioned in my review below) just messaged me and instead of apologizing or even trying to rectify the situation, she chose to mock me. I've..."

"Speedy, professional and reasonably priced! The turn around really was speedy! Requested for a quick turnaround for something I needed and they did not..."

Happy Cleaners

6 Reviews

8515 Whitney Ave Elmhurst, NY 11373

"1. They don't speak ENGLISH 2. Purposely tear shirts during laundry to charge for stitching 3. Inconveniently Closed on Sunday's 4. Dry cleaning DOES NOT..." Show More

"I've been a regular customer for years now and appreciate the consistency in their service. They aren't super stars of the dry cleaning world but they..."

"Their staffs so friendly and helpful, nearby my house, so convenient , and compared to other laundry raised fees they still keep same price for each wash"


86 Reviews

6111 Woodside Ave Queens, NY 11377

"Love this place! Super professional and reasonably priced. Super close to the subway which is a plus." Show More

"Raymond's has been my go to place for all of my tailoring needs for the past 2 years. Most recently I needed a dress tailored for my baby shower. Without..."

"Work quality is ok but you have to be very very specific as to what you want. Had a couple of shirts that I had to redo (and were charged both times)..."

Black Tie II French Cleaners

30 Reviews

7925 37th Ave Jackson Heights, NY 11372

"I came here yesterday morning with an urgent cleaning needed for my favorite black leather purse. I got lipstick stains all over the inner pocket and didn't..." Show More

"Horrible customer service from the owner. They Installed a replacement zipper for my jacket, which has all black zipper, with a bright gold zipper. His..."

"I came here to drop off my 2 sweaters for dry cleaning this morning. I have 3 cats and so my sweaters (or any clothes I wear) had cat hair on the surface...."

Unit Cleaners

10 Reviews

7705 37th Ave Jackson Heights, NY 11372

"So I hear a lot of people whining about the service and can only say you get what you give. I have been going to the same dry cleaners as you and the..." Show More

"While this place is not perfect, I give them credit for integrity. I came to retrieve a suit I had dropped off with stains. The stains were mostly still..."

"Surprised to see the negative reviews - maybe it's new management (or they learned from the negative reviews) but I had a very positive first time..."

Four Season Cleaners

4 Reviews

76-13 Broadway Elmhurst, NY 11373

"The worst dry clean place you can imagine. If there was a negative star, I'd give it to the owner - Chang. Pro: relatively cheap price for certain items..." Show More

"I've been coming here for years and they are very friendly and customer service is great."

"After a night out drinking in my suit, there was no doubt I would have to take it in to get cleaned. I waited about a day, and decided I would try this..."

Nicole's Cleaners

51 Reviews

2852 34th St Astoria, NY 11103

"Nicole's is by far the best and most reliable dry cleaner in Astoria. How good are they? I moved much further down the block in the neighborhood and I still..." Show More

"Terrible DAMAGES on Canada Goose jacket! I sent my carefully worn Canada Goose Parka to this place for dry cleaning, when I got it back home, I found..."

"I got my jumpsuit back few days ago and you can tell by this photo that it's uneven. I asked for a refund and they said that they couldn't give me back a..."

Quaker Cleaners

7 Reviews

7118 35th Ave Jackson Heights, NY 11372

"I never had any problems here! But I usually see the tailor.... I never really get things done by the cleansers. But they really do a good job with suits..." Show More

"We have been using Quaker Cleaners purely out of convenience for a few years. There were a number of times that we had to return clothes for cleaning..."

"Do not go here. Didn't bother checking Yelp due to this business being right near my home and me trying to support local businesses. My $700 jacket is..."

Woodside French Cleaners

5 Reviews

6419 Roosevelt Ave Woodside, NY 11377

"This has to be the worst most disgusting place. I have been here several times and they damaged the inside of my girlfriends jacket and skirt. The owner..." Show More

"Don't go here! The old man here is very rude and impatient. He's an asshole, even to his wife who works there too."

"They've been operating here on this corner for 21 years! The owners are a friendly Korean couple, plus their cute dog. The place was a dry cleaner even..."

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