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Dry Cleaners in 11206

King Organic Wet Cleaners

18 Reviews

103 Marcus Garvey Blvd Brooklyn, NY 11206

"I am so excited to have found King Organic! And to leave a review to hopefully send more people their way. Worth it, trust me. What I had done: 1. The..." Show More

"Not impressed! Decided to take two long overdue pieces here as I just moved to the area. The button on my jacket was sewn on perfectly and that's the..."

"I went there to get my prom dress altered, and the reviews gave me high expectations. When my mom said she picked up my dress, I got so excited about it...."

Bushwick Green Cleaners

12 Reviews

255 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

"I really wanted to like this place. I even continued to go three times in hopes it was just a fluke and that it would improve. Don't waste your money, and..." Show More

"Also great service and amazing prices. I've been going here for about 2 years and all of my clothes have come back impeccable. Good for getting things..."

"I went in to have a winter coat cleaned along with some shirts/tops and scarves. They did a great job on everything including the more difficult things to..."

The Laundry Taxi

66 Reviews

578 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11211

"Service is impeccable. This has increased the quality of my life not having to carry 30 lbs of laundry for blocks and blocks in this summer heat LISA AND..." Show More

"I wanted to update my review because I've had several months of great service from Laundry Taxi. My biggest issue was the use of excess plastic and waste,..."

"Want to give 5-star because the people in-person are lovely. Lisa is so sweet in particular. I have been using them for almost three years and the laundry..."

G's Cleaners

45 Reviews

380 Graham Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

"I went on Monday with an outfit that needed to be hemmed. Kay was able to do it that day bc I needed it that evening and she also helped add a little..." Show More

"I ran in to get a shearling coat cleaned and buttons replaced on a leather jacket. Found out that a shearling takes weeks to clean (bummer, needed it for a..."

"This used to be my go to neighborhood place for years until they lost some very expensive pieces. The sad part is is that they tried to blame us for..."

Betty Brite Cleaners

4 Reviews

318 Lewis Ave Brooklyn, NY 11221

Top-Hat Tailors & Cleaners

18 Reviews

152 Graham Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206

Rodriguez Dry Cleaners

9 Reviews

19 Patchen Ave Brooklyn, NY 11221

Lotus Cleaners Corp

18 Reviews

80 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206

"Stay away form this place very simple task wasn't completed and they still took my money. You will not get what you pay for what a rip off. Stay away from..." Show More

"I am not sure if this place is one of a few dry cleaning places in the neighborhood so they don't care about their attitude. I have used their dry cleaning..."

"This place has bailed me out multiple times. I just moved to the neighborhood and looked this spot up and have been thankful for that ever since...."

Ez Cleaners

8 Reviews

203 Knickerbocker Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

"I would stop using this place if there was a better option near my apartment. Alas there isn't... My job requires me to wear a suit most days. But it's so..." Show More

"Overall very expensive and not recommended for time-sensitive needs. Per owner, "It's not always going to be on time". No refunds ever. Ummm...okay? I..."

"I tried with this place. I really did. Honestly I gave them too much of a chance. In terms of dry cleaning I swear things would come back just as dirty as..."

Bean & Clean

33 Reviews

909 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

"This place is awesome, I do my laundry, dry cleaning and in a pinch buy tp and stuff there. I buy my house plants there! I'm surprised by the..." Show More

"Great, relaxed, laid back laundromat! Laundry use to always stress me out, but the atmosphere here is so nice that it never bothered me to go and do..."

"Jesus. The woman who works at this place in the morning is so rude and inconsiderate it took my breath away. I get it: Folding laundry isn't a fun job. But..."

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