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Super Laundry

3 Reviews

744 N Wilmington Blvd Wilmington, CA 90744

"Nice clean laundry facility literally 2 other laundry mats across the street on either side of it. Newer machines and nice people." Show More

"Free Dry on. Every Thursday from 3- 5 pm 25¢ to dry $1.89 for small 2loads $5.99 for 8 loads $2.74 for 3 loads"

"Found this place because my hubby works around this area. The place is nice, clean, and very different. Prices are cheap to wash and same goes with..."

Laundry House

13 Reviews

601 N Avalon Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90744

"Always clean and well-maintained, I only use this place now for my laundry. It is so much more convenient to use a card than to go try and find a roll of..." Show More

"I LOVE IT ! This laundromat is very clean ! I love that they have a TV for the children Playing cartoons that really helps out. I'll definitely recommend..."

"This place is by far the cleanest laundromat in Wilmington and has the friendliest staff ever! No lie! This being said, does anyone know why people..."

Harbor Laundry

51 Reviews

1863 Pacific Coast Hwy Lomita, CA 90717

"I love this laundromat. It is always clean and I like the electronic card you use to put your money on. It is very convenient." Show More

"I came back here after trying to social distance and do laundry in my apartment building for the past 6 months. I walked in this morning around 6:30 and it..."

"Excellent service owner is there to help out with anything you may need.. Frequent cleaning and sanitizing of washers/dryers/tables not just on outside..."

Laundry 360

35 Reviews

441 E Carson St Carson, CA 90745

"I used their fluff and fold service to clean a bunch of towels and blankets that I was donating to the SPCA that had been collecting dust. They even said I..." Show More

"A great place to do your laundry. Organize and very clean. Employees very helpful and always busy doing something to keep the place tidy and machines..."

"Not a bad laundromat. The staff keeps it clean. Like any laundromat timing is everything I've been here numerous times and midday seems to be less crowded..."

Wilmington PCH 24 Hour Coin Laundry

1 Reviews

945 W Pacific Coast Hwy Wilmington, CA 90744

"Always come here after work to do my laundry it's convenient since it's open 24hours. However a lot of panhandlers outside. Would of gave it 5 stars but the..." Show More

Laundry 360 on Main

31 Reviews

22222 S Main St Carson, CA 90745

"Best laundromat in the entire area. Always clean. Great prices. Way better than any other laundromat around. Employees are very nice and helpful." Show More

"The cleanest laundromat I have EVER seen!! Plus all the perks they have for the customers are great!!"

"During a move we had to wash ALL of our clothing and linen for the whole house We wanted to do all the loads at once and save tons of time. It obviously..."

Avalon Coin Op Laundry

1 Reviews

600 N Avalon Blvd Wilmington, CA 90744

"Do NOT come to this laundry mat! This place is infested with bum and pervert activity! Men are outside drinking in public and stare with no shame! The..." Show More

Ecospin Laundromat

103 Reviews

24003 Narbonne Ave Lomita, CA 90717

"I always wonder to myself, why I never used this laundromat sooner? It's literally walking distance from me! The Ecospin Laundromat facitlity is really..." Show More

"My mother is 85 and lives alone. She uses a walker and has no one to help her right now. Family members who normally help her are self-quarantined due to..."

"Not only am I a happy first customer I have to say the attendant Tati was the most Nice, respectful caring person ever. The dryer ruined my sheets and she..."

Lomita Coin Laundry

12 Reviews

1838 Lomita Blvd Lomita, CA 90717

"I've been coming here to wash my blankets for a few years. I like the big machines (60lbs @ $4.75)to wash all my duvets and thick blankets that do not fit..." Show More

"I've been looking for a laundromat (since there aren't many in Torrance), and I came across this one. It's clean, it's not too small, and it's not..."

"it's old and run down...but the price is great, the loads are larger than other places, they really go by weight and not size. I had 10lbs and the other..."


1 Reviews

208 W Anaheim St Wilmington, CA 90744

"This place is pretty ghetto, a bunch of tweakers congregate outside by the smoke shop and beg there. I live in Wilmington and I gotta say this one is in the..." Show More

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