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Laundromats in 90038

LA Laundry House

20 Reviews

5609 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028

"Update to my original review: due to the pandemic, I had been nervous to do laundry. Hand washing was fine for some items, but not sheets and towels. I..." Show More

"Went here for the first time last week. A lady immediately explained their COVID-19 policy centering on social distancing and then guided me to the correct..."

"I come here regularly with my family and we always feel comfortable and happy with this laundromat. Even though Covid-19 is an issue at this time, we still..."

Limpia Laundromat

28 Reviews

722 Vine St Los Angeles, CA 90038

"Fluff and fold service here is stellar. Carol gives it the personal touch and will work with you if you have a tight schedule. With Carol on maternity..." Show More

"I came in a few years ago and was rudely approached by some baboso who asked: "Can I help you?" Usually when people say that, it's meant in a..."

"The attendant has horrible service. Informed her my clothes was in the dryer with medium heat and it ended up being ridiculously hot to the point it felt..."

WeHo Wash

137 Reviews

7757 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046

"So i moved into WeHo recently, and just like to get my laundry done in under an hour, vs. doing it all day.. So I looked for a place close, I live off..." Show More

"So I had a lovely accident with a white comforter I've had since 2018. I was always careful with it, especially due to the fact it was white (which I..."

"When your machines are out for two weeks, you hit the local! I went yesterday morning (Saturday) around 7:30 (after reading the reviews that it can be busy..."

La Brea Coin Laundry

61 Reviews

1543 N La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028

"Hadn't been here in quite some time and what an improvement! Great machines and very very clean. Huge difference was the person working here . Constantly..." Show More

"I had a problem with the staff very rude questioning me as to what I was doing with my laundry just very rude staff. I was just very surprised at how rude..."

"My clothes have been ruined with bleach stain several times and there's cockroaches EVERYWHERE. This place occasionally runs a puppy mill in the back room..."

Wash On Western

128 Reviews

1548 N Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027

"I am in L.A. during COVID-19. Here to check on family. Even though the restrooms were closed everything else was working fine at Wash On Western. Clean,..." Show More

"Cleano! Absolutely loved this place! Washing machines at my home were busted! Looked up trusty Yelp and decided to give this place a try. I liked it..."

"Very nice facility. Rock playing over the loud speaker. Currently listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers --- Heyyyy Oohhhh. The front door is automatic. They..."

Launderland Coin Laundry

81 Reviews

1119 N Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90029

"Let me just say I'm a very inexperienced laundry mat goer because I grew up with a washer and dryer. I say that because I didn't know what to expect when..." Show More

"Now listen. I usually don't prescribe to paying for laundry; I time it so it coincides with my visit to my parents like any normal person in their 20s...."

"I've been dropping off my laundry here for years and just dropped it off today with my soap and instructions to use my soap. my laundry smells even worse..."

Launderland Coin Laundry

7 Reviews

6707 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90038

"Convenient when I need to wash my bed linens, and affordable. Yelp wants me to add more in order to post as a review instead of a "tip" which is awkward. I..." Show More

"I give Launderland 5 stars because they serve,love and welcome the many lost and forgotten stars of our community. 5 Stars couldn't account for the hearts..."

"The Mexican lady likes the stare you down and talk shit in her chair in the back. Best place ever right ?"

Double bubbles Coin Laundry & Cleaners

1 Reviews

863 N Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90029

"We live in an apartment building with 12 units (6 of them two bedrooms) and one washing machine. It's slow. Expensive and often being used. Plus it's not..." Show More

Wash Club LA

17 Reviews

1076 N Saint Andrews Pl Los Angeles, CA 90038

"I love Wash Club LA! My apartment does not have laundry, I do not own a car, and the nearest laundromat is ~2 miles away (easy normal bike ride but..." Show More

"First time customer, just got my clothes back. 25 pounds! Very happy w/ everything. Great communication and tracking on the website. Love the bags w/..."

"It's hard to social distance in a community laundry room, so I've been using Wash Club LA. They are the best! A discount on the first order and the most..."

Beverly Coin Laundry

27 Reviews

4477 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90004

"Whenever the machines are busted at my apartment I come here to wash and dry my clothes. I love to pay once... and watch the clothes dry. Circles are..." Show More

"Update: there was a SHOOTING in the parking lot here last night (4/6/20) at a decent hour (around 8pm). 1 fatality and 1 woman was rushed to the ER,..."

"I usually don't review laundry places but I was so amazed by the service that I had too. Parking is super small , there was a parking available and the..."