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Big C Laundromat

2 Reviews

434 W 34th St Steger, IL 60475

"On the door it says last wash 9pm, I got arrived at 8:39pm to wash. The mat close at 10pm so that means (I arrived a whole hr and 23 minutes to wash) and..." Show More

"This company is amazing! Their staff is super-friendly and helpful, and their service is outstanding. Every time I deal with anyone from the company they..."

Busy B Laundromat

2 Reviews

403 W Lincoln Hwy Chicago Heights, IL 60411

"The attendant/manager Ms Hattie was so nice to me. Showing me around the laundromat. How to get change and where everything was located. Even though she was..." Show More

"I had ~250 lbs of laundry I needed to wash before moving into my new house, I chose Busy B's because it looked like there were a lot of machines and it..."

Laundry World

5 Reviews

22338 Governors Hwy Richton Park, IL 60471

"It's okay if you live close. I hope I won't need to come again, but I'd recommend it. It's clean, and I got the job done. There are two staff members and..." Show More

"Worst experience of my life. Mostly all of my clothes that I own, got burned because they caught on fire in one of the dryer machines. The workers were..."

"I was really disappointed that I arrived at 9:45pm and was denied entry even though the hours on Yelp says 6 am to 12am. What are the actual hours?"

Sweets & Suds

17 Reviews

235 S Broad St Griffith, IN 46319

"I have driven by this place multiple times never giving thought to stopping here. The idea seemed entertaining with food,drinks and ice cream to enjoy..." Show More

"What to do on a rainy, lazy Sunday? Want a fresh start to your week? Laundry day just getting you down? We popped in here, watched a show, chatted with the..."

"Love this hidden gem! The owner is a sweet woman who remembers my order even though I haven't been here in almost a year and it's a creation we came up with..."

Loads of Fun

8 Reviews

9450 Joliet St Saint John, IN 46373

"First time visit. Came in to wash 5*7 throw rug What a waste of 3.50 machine is not filling water is not above a the bottom rim of the tumbler. I'm back..." Show More

"It's aight. It's definitely better than Guards in crown point. I'm NEVER going there again. One of the washers was stuck on a wash cycle, and the attendant..."

"Facility is pretty clean, however it is expensive for that part of the stick in Indiana, and there's no good waiting area nor air conditioning, I am..."

Griffland Village Cleaners and Laundromat

2 Reviews

3911 45th St Highland, IN 46322

"A great place to get your clothes dry clean. I've been coming here for over 7 years and I haven't had an issue. The owner is super friendly. Please support..." Show More

"I have had 3 suits and 6 blazers cleaned at this laundry mat and have no complaints. Their staff is courteous and the facility is clean. The prices seem..."

Washland Coin Laundry

11 Reviews

18445 S Halsted St Glenwood, IL 60425

"I dropped off my clothes to be washed, dried, folded and put on Hangers. Yolanda asked me for details on what I wanted folded and what I wanted on hangers...." Show More

"This laundromat has to be the worse for washing comforters. This is my third and final time using their machines and the location is very convenient. The..."

"Very clean and helpful friendly customer service. The dryers are great as well, definitely recommend it to anyone."

Sunrise Laundry

2 Reviews

830 W 61st Ave Merrillville, IN 46410

"How do you wash clothes when your renovating your house? Not a trick question head to the laundromat. Now normally as an expat (I'm..." Show More

"It's clean, your laundry gets clean...not much else to say! Lol. I do like that their hours are later than the laundromat in Crown Point, which closes at..."

Dyer Laundromat

1 Reviews

1824 Hart St Dyer, IN 46311

"The dryers do NOT work, I spent over $15.00 alone on the dryers trying to dry a small load of laundry and three hours later the clothes are still soaked!..." Show More

Laundry World

4 Reviews

3450 W 183rd Hazel Crest, IL 60429

"There is no one enforcing the required face masks. I just 5 people with their masks under their chins and 2 people not even wearing masks at all. And this..." Show More

"If you're looking for a clean environment to do your laundry, this place is it. I always bring my blankets, comforters and other items that are too large to..."

"The only laundromat I like to wash at. Always clean & very few machines down. You don't have to wait for someone to give you a key to the washroom. It opens..."

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