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2 Reviews

3315 36th Ave Astoria, NY 11106

"Best laundromat in Astoria! Open early, close late. Good clean place." Show More

"Always got my clothes back on time when I used there wash service. Once I had left a watch (gold band) in my pants and the girl was honest, she gave it back."

Super Laundry of Crescent

6 Reviews

3806 Crescent St Long Island City, NY 11101

"This place is a scam. I dropped off my laundry and get quoted 1 price and then when I return to collect it I get told it was weighed wrong, and my new price..." Show More

"One of the few --if not the only laundromat in the area open till midnight. Drop-off prices are fair and on par with the neighborhood. Always a good..."

"the machines was really good not sure what's up with all their other reviews ! no complaint from me so far, let's see how the dryers do lol"

Packard Square Laundromat

8 Reviews

41-30 Crescent St Long Island City, NY 11101

"First time washing my huge sheep rug and medium is big enough for me. There're detergents and bleach to buy, $.75 each, very pricy. Dryers are $.25 per..." Show More

"Visited the laundromat on a late Saturday morning with a big bag of washing. The friendly ladies were able to wash , dry and fold and have all ready by..."

"Pretty clean and never too packed when I'm there. But the hours listed are not always accurate. Even when I call to check, they sometimes close early...."

Tenchodo Laundromat

30 Reviews

33 33 Crescent St Astoria, NY 11106

"It's a laundromat that's clean and the machines work and it's usually not very crowded and the people who work here are nice. I used to do drop off all the..." Show More

"DO NOT GO HERE. I implore you. First off, I echo the mold comments. Having gone here since 2018, I had to inspect each washer machine before use to ensure..."

"Mold. It's in all of the washer's fabric softener compartments. Just lift up the #3 flap on any of them and you'll see the mold. It's in every single one of..."

Joy Laundromat

4 Reviews

29-06 34th Ave New York, NY 11106

"When I do my own laundry here it's usually almost no stress. Not many people in the laundromat and plenty of help from staff. When I drop off my laundry is..." Show More

"very good service. got an accident, then hospitalized---they reminded me that I still have laundry to collect and were very considerate the fact I cannot..."

"i am so impressed by the kindness of the staff here. i came on a sweltering tuesday evening to pick up two hefty bags of laundry. when she noticed that my..."

Grand Avenue Laundromat

3 Reviews

3095 32nd St Astoria, NY 11102

"The price has increased from the previous post - the small "double" wash is now $1.75, though the dryer prices are still the same. This is my usual..." Show More

"1.50 per small wash .25 per 8 minutes dry The lady with two daughters that works nights is kind! better and cheaper than the 24 hour one near by!"

"After swearing I would always wash my own clothes, I have caved to drop off service. The ladies here are very nice and there is no extra charge for same day..."

Spinfast Laundry

8 Reviews

3094 34th St Astoria, NY 11103

"Extremely clean! Beautiful customer service! Secure spot, accidentally left laundry a little longer and upon return every item was still present and waiting..." Show More

"This place is awesome. I do my bedding here because they have large washers and dryers that can fit my large comforters. My home washer and dryer are way..."

"If you don't have in-home laundry this is the spot to head to. Clean, they accept credit cards, and have wifi while you wait!"

Laundromat & Dry Cleaners

3 Reviews

32-06 36th Ave Astoria, NY 11106

"I've never used a laundromat because I've always been lucky to have a washer & dryer in my building, but since I moved to NYC.. I was not that..." Show More

"Pros: - Super friendly owners - Free soap on Tuesdays and Wednesdays - Racy telenovelas on the TV - Jumbo dryers Cons: - Limited hours (last wash at 8:30..."

"JAILED IN THE LAUNDROMAT!!!!!!!! Standard neighborhood why the bad review? I was doing laundry there one night, just got in in time for the..."

Liberty Laundromat

1 Reviews

2819 36th Ave Astoria, NY 11106

"In a neighborhood full of laundromats, Liberty seems to be king. I chose them initially because they pick-up and drop-off. I tend to have them pick up my..." Show More

The Wash House

3 Reviews

3410 9th St ASTORIA, NY 11106

"This place is very clean, the family that operates it is very accommodating and easy to get in and out in no time with laundry. I appreciate the cleanliness..." Show More

"Before the new openers took over years ago, I would come and wash all the time. Ann was the woman that took care of everything, always kept the place clean..."

"Let's start off by saying this family lives above their laundromat yet ALWAYS opens up late. Says 630 but depending on the husband he comes down late. Today..."

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