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Outdoor Clothesline Laundromat

76 Reviews

5500 Babcock Rd San Antonio, TX 78240

"Soooo this place is pretty awesome. I haven't been to a laundromat in years (probably about 6 years) but I decided I didn't feel like spending an entire..." Show More

"First time here. I have to say haven't been to a laundromat in many years. It's $3.25 or $2.25 or $2.50 for washing machine and dryer is .25 for 3 minutes..."

"Nice clean place. People respect your items and your space. Helps is always around for you need it. They have signs up to help you use the machines."

San Antonio Green Laundry

151 Reviews

5525 Blanco Rd San Antonio, TX 78216

"We just moved to San Antonio and have been living in a hotel with no laundry services until we get a house. I have never used a laundromat before so I..." Show More

"We rushed over after work in the pouring rain to get in before the last wash. We we're greeted with sass and an eye roll. As we were going around starting..."

"My dog crapped all over my daughter's giant (5' tall) teddy bear. I washed it in the the largest (8 load?) machine and it came out clean and fresh. The..."

Sudsy's Coin Laundry

37 Reviews

4057 Medical Dr San Antonio, TX 78229

"If you do not have time to do your laundry, they will do it for you. Or you can do it yourself. Reasonably priced for all services available. Comfortable..." Show More

"It's very cramped inside! Prices to wash are reasonable. Employee was friendly. Will return again, but will load the machine and wait outside."

"Under new management! Many of the machines are out of order, some unidentifiable as broken by the customer. I put 2.50 inside a defective washer. That is..."

Speedy Coin Laundry

5 Reviews

8822 Cinnamon Creek Dr San Antonio, TX 78240

"Big laundry mat attached to gas station. Plenty of parking. I thought it was going to be a great place to do wash when I come to town. Very disappointed...." Show More

"On the plus side it's open a bit later than some of the others but it's filthy and most of the machines don't work. We came in right at 10:30 with what is..."

"Unfortunately I had to come to a coin washer place for the first time and this place is depressing. The neighborhood is not very safe and pictures are worth..."

SpinXpress Laundry

23 Reviews

8535 Blanco Rd San Antonio, TX 78216

"AMAZING!!! Customer service, cost, convenience, and cleanliness are their priorities. My wife and I found this place randomly when our dryer outlet went out..." Show More

"So I can't remember the last time I went to a laundromat lol My cleaners wouldn't take my nasty gym clothes so I came here It's actually a cool..."

"Still have not been paid guess this company has to rob people to survive 7"

WaveMAX Laundry - San Antonio

5 Reviews

2525 Jackson Keller Rd San Antonio, TX 78230

"I've never been to a laundromat before, so I was careful in reading up on reviews before I chose a place, which ended up being this location. Some of the..." Show More

"I had been waiting for this laundromat to open for months. Now that it is open I could not be happier. It's super clean, usually quiet, and quality washers..."

"I'm a 40 year old married man with 3 kids. I have been lucky enough to have had a working washer dryer for 20+ years. Well a couple of weeks ago it finally..."

Kwik Wash Laundries Division of Coinmach

10 Reviews

8810 Huebner Rd San Antonio, TX 78240

"I would give them no stars. More than half of the dryers are out of order. And I thought maybe it was just a mishap. Come back a few weeks later and same..." Show More

"The change machine always has someone coming to fix it!!!! It's hotter inside than it is outside; none of the fans are on inside. There is no one there to..."

"This is a lovely small facility. The machines for change were not working, but the lady working (whom is very kind) assured us someone was already on their..."

Speed Queen Laundry

10 Reviews

3319 West Ave San Antonio, TX 78213

"Clean with plenty of machines. In a years tme I've had 4 free washes with a total of $20. Place is safe too." Show More

"Super clean. Easy to access. Bright and well lit. Very attentive staff accepted my "fluff and gold" drop off promptly and with care. Most impressive!!"

"The facilities are clean, employee was very friendly and attentive. Had to use due to recent move and had not received household goods as of yet. Would use..."

Aquastar Laundry

19 Reviews

7627 Culebra Rd San Antonio, TX 78251

"We are from out of town for my sons BMT graduation. We needed to get his laundry done fast for an inspection. The manager there was extremely helpful and..." Show More

"The facility is clean and my comforter is looking great. I arrived at the facility right after opening and had the place to myself until the last 10 minutes..."

"First time visiting a laundromat in decades. The place was clean, quiet, and reasonably priced. If my washer is still down next week I'll use this place..."

Quick Wash Laundry

1 Reviews

5402 Glen Ridge Dr San Antonio, TX 78229

"This is one of the cleanest laundrymats I've ever been to. The staff is incredibly helpful and ive never had any problem getting in and finding machines,..." Show More