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Champion Cleaners

53 Reviews

243 E 38th St New York, NY 10016

"Best dry cleaners I've found so far in nyc. They seem to be able to get even the most difficult stains out. Alterations are a little expensive but that..." Show More

"This place is ok - speedy service - they pick up and deliver to your door. Price is a bit much for what you are getting but it is NYC"

"I owe the owner this review and I'm sorry this has been long overdue -- sorry Josh! Right before Christmas I went to a friend's birthday party and made the..."

Crisp Laundry

31 Reviews

401 3rd Ave New York, NY 10016

"Thanks Crisp Laundry for taking such good care of my clothes! I just picked up my dry cleaned shirts and they are perfectly pressed and smell great. They..." Show More

"They lost two separate articles of clothing I dropped off for dry cleaning in a two week span. I normally don't leave Yelp reviews (good, bad, or otherwise)..."

"Amazing fast laundry and tailoring service. Wash and fold is ready the same day. I had also brought in a pair of pants that needed their zipper replaced,..."

On The Go Laundry NYC

37 Reviews

None Kips Bay, NY 10016

"I have never used a laundry service in NYC but was recently recommended to try it out by a few friends. A quick Yelp search for a place which services..." Show More

"As a first time client, I spent over $325 on "dry cleaning" from this business. Instead I was returned a full bag of clothing folded--with deodorant marks,..."

"First time using a laundry service in NYC. Actually lived up to the hype of the 5 star reviews! All of my additional instructions were followed and laundry..."

Murray Hill Cleaners

8 Reviews

129 E 39th St New York, NY 10016

"live in a neighborhood with 5 or 6 dry cleaners in a 4 block area. This place I thought would be cheaper than my regular dry cleaner. At the beginning of..." Show More

"This is what happened to my friend in her words : The person at the desk this morning (Oct 19th, 2018) Andres, kept deliberately trying to peep at me while..."

"Horrible service! I'd give 0 star. They lost my expensive cardigan and gave me someone else's, and tried to gaslight me. Told me 'this one is navy too' even..."

Polaris Cleaners

27 Reviews

99 Park Ave New York, NY 10016

"I use Polaris Cleaners from time to time. Specially, if I forgot to dry clean something and I want to wear it later for dinner/drinks. Prices are standard..." Show More

"I don't know what's happened but they've become unreliable.. thankfully my boyfriend's shirts were finally located but I've had other pickup & delivery..."

"Worst experience ever. Went in to have two hooks removed and replaced with snaps. I was explicit with no dry cleaning required since the dress was..."

Eastmore Kelly Cleaners

14 Reviews

311 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10016

"I enjoy this establishment, they are polite and always have my stuff ready. Very nice no issues I wouldn't use them for tailoring but everything else is fine" Show More

"I don't understand all the haters... They're always polite, and after just 3 visits we're already on a first name basis. Laundry is always ready earlier..."

"$72.50 for 5 dresses to be dry cleaned? Never going back. Good quality but ridiculously overpriced."

Sebco Laundry Systems

11 Reviews

300 E 40th St New York, NY 10016

"Definitely agree with other yelpers. This company is pretty annoying to deal with. The additional star is because they actually gave me a discount. Account..." Show More

"This is the service used at View 34. TERRABLE!!! The machines are constantly broken. I've called several times and the machines are still not fixed...."

"How are they even in business? I spend more money on broken machines than I do on actual laundry. The machines are disgusting too. I would have cleaner..."

Liox Cleaners

70 Reviews

New York, NY 10016

"I had a silk dress with a stain in it that I needed for a very important event in a two days. I decided to try their service. I was surprised when they..." Show More

"Customer service is awful. I had a wash and fold pickup that returned with missing shirts. When I contacted them they were unresponsive, after following up..."

"I wanted to like them. The app was great. Price was fine. Delivery always awesome. But they consistently used some industrial strength detergent even though..."

My Fresh Shirt

14 Reviews

New York, NY 10016

"My beloved The Dhobi was bought by another company so I'm in the market for a new delivery dry cleaner. I started to create an order with My Fresh Shirt and..." Show More

"To provide more details to the below, i think the culprit of what shrunk my pants were the fact that while the care label clearly stated no steam, steam was..."

"I have been using this with my resident's discount at the current building that I live in. I am so glad that my building introduced me to My Fresh Shirt...."

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