5 Top Tips on How to Find the Best Atlanta Dry Cleaner

There’s really nothing like throwing on your favorite piece of clothing. It’s your color, fits just right, and has been with you through some important events.

Lots of people have lucky jeans, a favorite jacket, or an article of clothing that is just too beloved (or expensive!) to part with.

When it comes to dry cleaning your clothes or belongings, you have to make sure it’s a cleaner you can trust. The worst thing is dropping off items, expecting to pick it up cleaned and pressed, only to find it ripped, stained, or straight up missing!

There are some things that just can’t be replaced or made right. To help you avoid having to accept a lowly sum for a priceless piece of clothing or belonging, here are five top tips to help you find the best dry cleaner in Atlanta.

1. Reputation and Length of Experience

The best way to judge a dry cleaner is off their track record. If they have been in the dry cleaning business for years, what is their reputation? If they have a history of doing the job right but poor customer service, consider if that is something you want to deal with.

On the other hand, if they have great customer service but clients often comment on their items going missing or getting damaged, think about how much you value your items before you bring them to that cleaner.

If the company is a fairly new business, it doesn’t mean they won’t be able to do the job right – it just makes finding honest reviews that much more important.

Check Yelp for honest customer reviews. But remember not to judge based off the star-rating alone. Make sure to read the reviews to see why people rated it the way they did and make a judgment call for yourself.

2. Clear Pricing

A good dry cleaning company offers straightforward pricing given upfront. The worst thing is to get hit with surprise costs tacked on after services are rendered.

You should expect extra charges for delicate or difficult fabrics (think silk or leather), especially if they have fancy trim like beads or sequins. But those added charges should still be revealed upfront.

3. Convenience and Accessibility

Most of us can’t afford to take time off work just to deal with dry cleaning. Make sure you check the hours of operation of any potential dry cleaner before dropping your items off.

If they aren’t open when you are available, it makes working with them a real hassle.

Also make sure their location is somewhere easily accessible. For example, if they are located in walking distance of your work, you can simply swing by on a lunch break.

4. What is their lost garment or damage policy?

This one’s important. No matter how good their reputation or number of satisfied customers, accidents happen.

What is their policy in case your item or garment is damaged or goes missing? In most cases, you can find out what their policy is simply by asking or checking their website.

If you have an irreplaceable item, make sure they know that. You may feel like you’re being “extra” or needy, but they’ll pay better attention to it.

5. Are They Environmentally Friendly?

At a time when consumers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, the need for earth-friendly practice has never been greater.

PERC is a widely used chemical substance by dry cleaners for its degreasing and non-flammable qualities. However, it’s terrible for the Earth and puts people who use it at risk.

If you care about the health of your dry cleaners or the Earth at all, make sure to find a dry cleaner that is PERC-free.

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