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Metropolitan Laundromat

1 Reviews

217 Sherman Ave New York, NY 10034

"This laundromat is spacious and clean. The layout makes it easy to navigate to and from your washing machine. They have a dozen washer and dryers lining the..." Show More

Family Laundromat

4 Reviews

110 Sherman Ave New York, NY 10034

"This is a good laundromat. It's coin-op so it's more flexible than the card versions, but slightly annoying because of the mundane coin insertion. The..." Show More

"This is a great laundromat for the neighborhood. There are MANY washing machines and dryers, plenty of folding tables and all types of detergent for..."

"I have been happy using this laundromat in the past but lately it's really getting on my nerves. There really are just way too many of the large-capacity..."

Turbina Laundromat

8 Reviews

1624 St Nicholas Ave New York, NY 10040

"Great laundromat with a very helpful staff!!! Don't be misled by its tight quarters. The machines are efficient and up to date. I walked in on a Saturday..." Show More

"Turbina has all-new equipment, convenient hours, and an ultra friendly staff. I tried another laundromat up the street that seemed stuck in a time warp...."

"This is my first laundromat ever but I don't wanna change it, have an excellent bilingual service, good machines in a very good condition and sometimes you..."


14 Reviews

4841 Broadway Frnt New York, NY 10034

"CONVENIENCE: 4 stars They're open 24-hours. Nice oversized machines for quilts and such. Still, no bathroom for paying clients. CLEANLINESS: 4..." Show More

"Excellent drop-off service with personal attention to delicate items. Highly recommended!"

"When I first moved to NYC in July 2009, I lived in a basement apartment on 108th and Columbus, ironically beneath a laundromat, and I had a washer and dryer..."

OK Cleaners

20 Reviews

4450 Broadway Manhattan, NY 10040

"I've been looking for a clean, professional dry cleaner for more than 2 years since my original one lost her lease. So I searched THE YELP to see what I..." Show More

"We've been using OK Cleaners services for a full month now since we've moved here and it has been a great experience! David exudes a sense of calm and..."

"Great job. Both the guy who took my suit and the guy who returned it were very friendly. Suit looked great afterwards!"

Immaculate Laundry

8 Reviews

271 Sherman Ave New York, NY 10034

"Come on weekdays or you'll be jostling for a washing machine all day. On weekends it's difficult to find baskets for your clothes and if you leave your..." Show More

"I saw a woman in my neighborhood wearing a shirt that I had brought here to be cleaned. And then I noticed that and another one were missing from my basket..."

"This laundromat, though a bit rough around the edges and a little expensive for drop off, really delivers with quality. The ambiance: Its kind of dirty,..."

Aqua Laundromat

5 Reviews

80 Nagle Ave New York, NY 10040

"Considering what I've encountered in NYC and the other laundromats in the vicinity, I'm gonna give Aqua 4 stars. The only other laundromat I tested in..." Show More

"15/18 driers work and 70% of the time they are all taken for hours with lines of people waiting for a free one. Impossible if you are doing it yourself, so..."

"I used to drop my laundry here all of the time. The workers are nice (though they speak very little English, which isn't an issue for most of the people..."


2 Reviews

96 Nagle Ave New York, NY 10040

"This place recently came under new management so they have new prices. 60 cents/pound for laundry isn't bad at all (though I still long for the .50 I used..." Show More

"I've used this laundromat twice now since moving to the neighborhood. The first time I experienced a few annoyances. The second time I decided I was going..."


13 Reviews

725 W 181st Manhattan, NY 10033

"Clean and easy to use, with free detergent every wash! They have a card system which makes it handy if you don't have change. The lady on duty was very..." Show More

"Really bad service. Owned by the same people with bad service on 184 & st nick. Rude workers. Always trying to close early and never ever helpful."

"The machines are new and work well, however it's by far the most expensive laundromat I've ever been to. Also, they require you to use a proprietary card to..."

The Good Clean Laundromat

5 Reviews

500 W 188th St New York, NY 10040

"If you need clothes washed, this is the place to go. I've been coming here for years and they've never given me a reason not to. You weigh what you need..." Show More

"After using several laundromats and having many of them not take care of my clothes, it was a breath of fresh air to find this one. Ruben is great and Ruby..."

"Have to update my last review. I have been using this service for almost 8 years now. They do a wonderful job and always a smiling face"

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