Press Cleaners Pairs with Salvation Army to Find New Homes for Wayward Socks Through New ‘Socks for Souls’ Program

AUSTIN, Texas (November 6, 2016) — Millions of them are orphaned every year, mysteriously disappearing somewhere between the washer and the dryer. So, there’s a good chance that mate-less socks are lingering around your house.

Don’t know what to do with those lonely socks? Austin-based Press Cleaners has the answer with its “Socks for Souls” program.

Press has teamed up with the Salvation Army in Austin to collect socks — and other gently used clothing — for Central Texans who need them. Press operates a subscription-based pickup-and-delivery service for laundry and dry cleaning.

“Clean socks are one of the most requested items at organizations like the Salvation Army. We decided to give a home to some of the many mate-less socks in the Austin area by offering an easy way for our customers to donate them through our new ‘Socks for Souls’ program,” says Nelson Tao, co-founder of Press.

Donna Clendennen, volunteer coordinator for the Salvation Army in Austin, says clients of her organization ask for socks every day.

“As you can imagine, having a clean and dry pair of socks to change into is important to those experiencing homelessness,” Clendennen says. “Many of our clients come with only the clothing on their back. Socks get worn out and wet and are uncomfortable for people to wear. A new pair of socks means a lot to our clients.”

How does the “Socks for Souls” program work? Customers of Press can leave mismatched socks and other gently used clothing in nondescript bags for them to be picked up along with their next scheduled dry-cleaning or laundry order. Press then cleans the socks and other clothing, and delivers the items to the Salvation Army. For more information, visit

If you’re interested in being a part of the Socks for Souls program, head over to our Austin dry cleaning page and simply place your donations out with your first order!

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