Press Cleaners Launches Service in Lubbock, TX

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin-based Press Cleaners, which offers a modern approach to the old-school laundry and dry-cleaning business, is bringing its “virtual franchisee” model to Lubbock as part of the continuing rollout of its services.

Press has partnered with a locally owned business in Lubbock to offer laundry and dry-cleaning services. The Lubbock business will handle laundry and dry-cleaning services as a “virtual franchisee,” while Press will manage billing, marketing and other back-end operations for the Lubbock market.

One of the most attractive features of Press is that a customer doesn’t need to visit a store. Instead, a customer can schedule services through the Press website or mobile app, and then a Press representative will pick up and drop off a customer’s clothing.

“As home to Texas Tech and a growing population, Lubbock is an ideal market for Press to expand its services,” says Ryan Harmon, co-founder and CEO of Press. “After having successfully launched in Austin, we are confident that students, young professionals and other customers will appreciate that we’re delivering the future of laundry and dry cleaning to the Lubbock market.”

Since its founding in 2015, Press has offered laundry and dry-cleaning services in Austin. In addition to expanding in Lubbock, Press has added Oklahoma City as a market, with plans to enter the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio markets this spring.

Press, whose headquarters is at Austin’s Capital Factory startup accelerator, has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding.
“With this expansion, Press now operates in more cities than any other company in this space. Many people remember Washio, which operated in three markets and raised $16 million before ultimately shutting down,” Harmon says. “By using existing dry cleaners’ delivery drivers and vans, Press provides business and delivery tracking to an industry that is begging for innovation.”

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