How to Find the Best Dry Cleaner Near You in Austin, TX

Dry cleaning isn’t one of the first things you think of when someone brings up Austin, but the city ranks third among Texas cities for dry cleaning spending. We might be known for our laid back vibes and wearing sandals to work, but we still know how to dress up when it counts. If you’re one of the 49 people moving to Austin daily, you’re probably searching for a local dry cleaner, so we put together a list of things you should look for.

Look Through Online Reviews

Customer reviews are a great resource to narrowing down the right dry cleaner for you. Reviews help you gain insight into how a business is run, the quality of service they provide, and the level of customer service they offer. Start by searching Google for a dry cleaner closest to you. If you don’t want to hassle with figuring out which dry cleaner to lug your clothes to, let Press come and pick up your dirty clothes! Not sold? Check out our Yelp and Google reviews to see what our Austin customers are saying about us.

Consistent Quality of Service

A dry cleaner is only good if they can provide the same level of service day in and day out. Look through their reviews to see if there are any past customers that noted inconsistent cleanings/quality. While your clothes are replaceable, you’re still trusting someone else with an item you care about. Don’t drop off your clothes with a local Austin dry cleaner that you haven’t properly vetted. All that being said, like anything else, accidents do happen. Sometimes we don’t realize that a button has loosened or maybe there was a stain that was missed.

Damaged/Lost Clothes Policy

Does your local dry cleaner offer a damaged or lost item policy? One of the biggest complaints people have is a damaged or lost button. You should always choose a dry cleaner that offers some sort of protection for accidents that can happen. It’s not a good feeling to find out that your clothes have been ruined or lost, and the dry cleaner provides no refund or replacement.

Commitment to the City and Environment

While dry cleaners seem like they don’t provide much of a threat to the environment, they actually can be the most harmful. If your dry cleaner uses PERC, they are endangering you, local residents, and the environment. PERC, if mishandled, can penetrate through concrete and won’t stop until it hits groundwater sources, ultimately contaminating the city’s water. You can find a PERC-free dry cleaner in your area by simply searching around Google or calling and asking if they use PERC as a part of their cleaning process. There is no excuse for using PERC with the amount of safe alternatives currently on the market.

It’s also great if you can find a dry cleaner that supports other local businesses and initiatives. You’ll be able to find information on this by checking out the dry cleaner’s website or quickly searching for sponsorships on Google.

Schedule Service With Press

Press was built on the idea that dry cleaning and laundry don’t have to be tedious. We work with the best local Austin dry cleaners and laundry professionals to ensure that our customers receive the best service possible. We also understand how busy Austinites are, and we wouldn’t be convenient without an Android or iOS app that allows you to schedule, manage, and pay for service from anywhere in Austin. Press makes it easy to book service from Austin dry cleaners near you without even leaving your house.




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