Donate School Supplies with Your Next Pickup!

Press Cleaners is excited to announce a partnership with For the Children, an Austin-based non-profit that provides basic school supplies to elementary school children that qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Price Lunch Program.

In Austin, TX, for the whole month of August, we’ve made it super easy for you to help these Central Texas families. All you have to do is put out a bag or box of school supplies with your next Press Cleaners pickup and label it clearly “Press School Supplies Donation”. Our drivers will collect the supplies when they pick up your order – and as a special thank you, we’ll even take 10% off of your order.

Pretty easy! But we made a handy list anyway, well, because lists are useful:
1. Buy school supplies appropriate for elementary school students.
2. Bag or box them separately from your laundry or dry cleaning and label them “Press School Supplies Donation”.
3. Put them out with your next laundry or dry cleaning pickup.
4. We’ll pick them up and help some local families out!
5. You’ll get $5 off that order.

Thanks for helping us do some good in our community – please let us know if you have any questions.

Schedule a laundry or dry cleaning pickup today!

You can learn more about For the Children here:


P.S. For the safety of your garments, do not put your donations inside the bag(s) containing your garments. Use a disposable bag or box for donations – we will not be able to return any containers used to transport donations. School supplies must be new and unopened.