5 Tips for Finding the Best Fort Worth Dry Cleaners Near You

Fort Worth is a fast-growing city full of students, young professionals and families, who seek a big city feel that still provides that old Texas charm and way of live. In fact, Fort Worth was ranked as the seventh fastest growing city in the United States, right behind its geographical partner in crime, Dallas. With all of that growth, there’s a lot of new residents that need to find local businesses around their new home. Whether you need laundry service or dry cleaning, here are five tips to finding the best dry cleaner near you in Fort Worth.

1. Check Online Reviews

Location isn’t everything when it comes to finding a dry cleaner that best suits your needs. You still want to make sure that the cleaner you’re leaving your clothes with will provide the quality and service that you desire. One of the easiest ways to find out if you’re headed to a reputable location is to check out their online reviews. While online review sites are typically laden with negative reviews (because happy people don’t typically take their time to review), it can sometimes be a wealth of information. Don’t judge a rating by the stars, judge it by the actual review itself. Were they upset that the location wasn’t open at 11:30pm or was it because they actually did something wrong?

2. Excellent Quality of Service

Inconsistent service can mean the difference between your favorite shirt being ready for Friday night or being thrown in the trash. You want to make sure that you’re choosing a dry cleaning and laundry pro that knows what they’re doing and provides the same quality of service day in and day out. Again, their online reviews will explain the level of service provided. If a lot of people are complaining about damaged or lost garments, you’re probably going to want to steer clear of that location.

3. Damaged/Lost Clothes Policy

Does your local dry cleaner offer a damaged or lost item policy? Finding a Fort Worth dry cleaner that offers a protection policy in case of error is your best bet for a happy ending if something happens. If a dry cleaner or laundromat doesn’t offer a fix or direct replacement for your damaged item, you’re not going to be a happy camper. A good way to find out if your local cleaner offers any type of damage/lost item policy is to check out their website or simply give them a call. Our amazing customer service team here at Press is available around the clock to ensure that all of your questions are met with answers.

4. Find a Fort Worth Cleaner That Cares

From the minute your clothes leave your hands to the second they’re back in your possession, your dry cleaner should be invested in their well-being. That means that they have a duty to ensure that they’re cleaned with the right products, dried correctly, and hung or folded with care. Not only should your local dry cleaner care about you and your clothes, they should care about their local city and environment. Look for a PERC-free dry cleaner in Fort Worth. What is PERC? PERC is a chemical that, if mishandled, can penetrate through concrete and won’t stop until it hits groundwater, ultimately putting the environment and you at risk. At Press, we work with professionals that use PERC alternatives, which means that your clothes are being cleaned with the best solutions for you and the environment.

It’s also great if you can find a dry cleaner that supports other local Fort Worth businesses and initiatives. You’ll be able to find information on this by checking out the dry cleaner’s website or involvement with other groups.

5. Schedule Service With Press From Anywhere in Fort Worth

Press was built on the idea that dry cleaning and laundry don’t have to be tedious. We work with the best local Fort Worth dry cleaners and laundry professionals to ensure that our customers receive the best dry cleaning service possible. We also understand how busy Fort Worth residents are, and we wouldn’t be convenient without an Android or iOS app that allows you to schedule, manage, and pay for service from anywhere in Fort Worth.




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