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Laundromats in 98103

Lunar Laundry

135 Reviews

700 NW 65th St Seattle, WA 98117

"Our washer broke and it was forever getting if fixed, it was a Laurel and Hardy show of missteps. Anyway, went to Lunar Laundry and I hadn't been in a..." Show More

"I don't usually go outside my apartment to wash clothes, but since my new place in the city doesn't have a large machine to wash my comforter, I've gone..."

"Is it weird that I look forward to going to do my laundry? I love this place! I live in an apartment complex that has a terrible washing machine, so I make..."

Wallingford Maytag Laundry

16 Reviews

2511 N 50th St Seattle, WA 98103

"Skip: normally I go to Lunar but was heading from another direction and needed to do something after work. Machines aren't very clean, made a rumbling..." Show More

"Dirty, staff uses all the driers for commecial washing, staff forced me from a table where i was filding clothes, very rude, also makes use of all carts...."

"I had a good experience. Small, but not crowded (when I went) and the machines I used worked well. I felt pretty safe and could have an eye on my laundry..."

Wedgwood Laundromat

13 Reviews

8621 35th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98115

"Clean, with excellent new machines. Cafe next door to wait for laundry is especially nice!" Show More

"This is probably the best and cleanest laundromat I've ever used. It's tucked away which is nice, and I think keeps the crowds down. Machines are all fairly..."

"Nice and clean. It was open even during snow storm. Snacks here are for free. The only feedback: there are no outlets for the phone charge."

Transformation Surprise Laundromat

48 Reviews

5505 8th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107

"This place rocks! We dropped off our laundry and 2 hours later it was ready-washed dried & folded!! Clean and friendly service and we will be back." Show More

"Our washing machine water lines froze in all the cold weather. So we packed up the kids and 5 loads of laundry to the laundromat. We were very warmly..."

"Great little space! The man in charge was very kind and helpful. I needed to wash a huge comforter, so I needed one of the huge front loader washers, it was..."

Hogan's Corner Laundromat

28 Reviews

5501 25th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105

"Dirty driers stained all my black clothes. Now I get to go somewhere else to clean them again. Ive tried cuz theyre close but there is something going wrong..." Show More

"Stay away! This place should not be a place for cleaning. It is nothing close to clean. If it wasn't for the fact I was so desperate to try to finish drying..."

"We have then clean our duvets and sheets. Do a great job and super nice and friendly drop off service!"

Queen Anne Laundry Room

42 Reviews

8 W Boston St Seattle, WA 98119

"In and out passing thru for a quick vacation and needed to do a few items! Clean quick and friendly!" Show More

"Not sure what happened to this place , but it is now disgusting. The facility itself is not clean with dirty floors and dirty machines. Was actually..."

"First of all, the machine asks you for three dollars just to get the washing card - it doesn't add to the balance at all. Then I put in $6 and the card only..."

Oak Tree Village Maytag Laundry

20 Reviews

10002 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA 98133

"It's a simple, quiet laundromat. There is plenty of parking, simple to use machines, and the attendant is friendly. He saw me struggle putting a bill into..." Show More

"I just left this scum of a laundromat in disgust. I came in with a big comforter and a pair of clean never worn white (colorless) tennis shoes that I only..."

"We feel very treated badly, it was very upsetting and so unprofessional. If we could, we give them zero star. Here's why... My husband dropped off his 3..."

Fremont Maytag Laundry

18 Reviews

3409 Stone Way N Seattle, WA 98103

"So my cat is a little incontinent once in a while. She's 23 now, so anything goes at this point. Great shape, just has kidney issues. She got our king-sized..." Show More

"Our dryer broke so I had to use this laundromat so I'd have clean undies for the week. The attendant was super helpful and gave me the heads up in how this..."

"I used to like this place but the other Saturday I dropped off my clothes, came back and there was a "closed because of emergency sign". I came back 4 times..."

Fremont Avenue Laundromat

12 Reviews

4237 Fremont Ave N Seattle, WA 98103

"This really sucks because it's the only laundromat within walking distance to me (no car). But the machines here are tiny, old and barely work. The change..." Show More

"Has the essentials but way overpriced. $3.00 gets you a wash $.25 gets you 5 minutes in the dryer, want half an hour that's $1.50, but who's clothes dry..."

"Sign on store said it closes at 7pm on Sunday. I arrived at 6:55 to pick up my laundry and there was a padlock on the door."

Lake City Center Maytag Laundromat

19 Reviews

3010 NE 127th St Seattle, WA 98125

"Never done a laundromat before but my pup peed on his plush oversized bed. Needed a bigger washer and dryer to get the job done. An attendant immediately..." Show More

"I love this location. It's always clean here and the attendant here is SUPER NICE!!! There are plenty of restaurants and shopping nearby while you wait for..."

"I came here instead out of another laundromat and I'm glad I did. I have a mattress pad that needed washing. For the size washer required out was $4.75..."